20 to 32 Feet Flatbed Trailer

Flywing’s 20 and 32 Feet Flatbed Trailer can take care of all heavy Transportation

Flatbed trailers as the name suggests are flat in shape and are used to tow oversized or wide load items such as large pipes, lumber, prearranged concrete structures and heavy machinery among others. 32 feet flatbed trailer are generally employed to transport heavy sized items that cannot fit within the confines of a closed truck or van. Also, flatbed trailers are the better options for goods that are immune to weather conditions and do not run the risk of being damaged or spoilt by harsh weather conditions.

There are primarily two major benefits provided by fleets of 32 feet flatbed trailers and 20 feet flatbed trailers offered by Flywing Transportation services. There are versatile and variety of trailer types. In contrast to a standard truck or van, a 32 feet flatbed trailer is open from all sides. It does not have a roof or walls, thus, making it easy for heavy sized items to be loaded from all the sides. Devoid of constraints placed by walls, workers can load bulky items using a forklift rather than a dock. Also because it’s open, 32 feet flatbed trailers offered by Flywing can effectively and efficiently take care of all your heavy transportation needs.

Also, some people harbor the misconception that since the trailer is open from all the sides, it is fraught with risk as goods can fall anywhere. This is not true as the goods to be transported are tied down with chains and/or straps which are secured to the spots located on the trailer. This ensures that the goods do not slide, fall or fly off when the truck is in motion or when the roads are bumpy. Cargos under certain circumstances are also covered by tarpaulin to ensure that the machinery or the equipment being transported does not suffer any damage if there is rain during transportation.

Flatbed trailers are available in different types. The most common is the Removable Gooseneck. As the name suggests, it has a removable neck that can turn into a ramp so that the equipment is safely driven onto it. Then there are Step deck trailers and double drop trailers which are used for tall cargo. Stretch trailers are preferred when the load is really tall. Whatever maybe your needs, you can be assured that Flywing with its expertise and the 20 feet flatbed trailers in its fleet, can take good care of all your transportation needs.

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