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Plant and Machinery Shifting

Flywing Balaji Logistics possess deep expertise in Plant and Machinery Shifting

Moving heavy plant machineries is entirely different from moving other types of goods. First and foremost, heavy machines and equipment weigh several tons and more importantly require delicate handling to ensure nothing goes awry during the transport. Plant machineries are very-very expensive and even the slightest of mishandling or negligence can cost the business a lot of money.

Flywing is a reputable transport handler and an impeccable Plant and Machinery Shifting Services provider, with expertise in transporting heavy cargoes such as plant machinery and heavy equipment. Equipped with a large fleet with different types of trucks and trailers, this is one company that can carry out a highly efficient plant and machinery shifting services.

Flywing Balaji Logistics is a heavy machine moving expert that has been handling transport of heavy equipment and machine for more than a decade. Whether you have a single machine or an entire plant, this is one company that has the experience and the resources to handle all your transportation needs. Flywing Balaji Logistics has a fully competent team of highly-skilled machinery movers who possess the skills and the expertise along with the tools, equipment and vehicles to move or remove any size machine using decades of experience in the field.

With a perfect track record of secure and on-time delivery, the transport company helps your business minimize disruptions and downtime to your operations. If your project requires relocation or removal of plant machineries, then Flywing is here to help you in every step of the way. The plant and machinery shifting services provider understands the value of time and security and as such ensure that your expensive equipment is protected from its origin to its intended destination. The service provider is known for offering highly customized service to make your work of relocation and redeployment easier. All services are provide under one roof which eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors for your project.

Another major benefit provided by this service provider is that has its own machinery warehousing and equipment storage. This way you have an option of storing your plant machineries at a secure place till they are ready for transportation. After that, we can put them on our flatbed trailers and deliver it to your site.

Please write us without hesitate at any time at: known name is transport industry. We eager to listen you on +91-999-999-2631 about your industrial and commercial relocation service needs.


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