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Semi Low Bed Trailer

Flywing Balaji Logistics  has Semi Low Bed Trailers of varying cargo carrying capacities

Heavy hauling needs special trailers and a reputable company like Flywing Balaji Logistics with expertise and resources to offer impeccable service at competitive prices. The company has enough Semi Low Bed Trailers in its fleet to take care of all your heavy cargo transport needs. The trailers fitted with superior quality aggregates such as axles, suspension, kingpin, landing leg and brake layouts among others are trustworthy and reliable. You are assured that your consignment will reach its intended destination on time. However, before we proceed further, it is important to know what exactly semi low bed trailers are and what type of cargo they transport.

Have you ever dazed in bewilderment at the sight of a trailer carrying 150 tons or more? Or for that matter have you ever wondered how large machineries, machine components, prefabricated sections, vessels, boats, harvesters, cranes , etc. each weighing several tons are transported from their present location to their new location? Have you ever wondered what these monster trailers capable of achieving such amazing feat are called?

Yep! You guessed it write. We are talking about the beasts called semi low bed trailers. First introduced in the market in 1920’s, it had a riveted gooseneck attached to a truck from the front part of the trailer. It had a major flaw as cargo could only be loaded from the rear end which damaged the rubber tires placed there. It underwent major modifications in 1950s. Its carrying capacity increased and modifications in its designs enabled easier loading and unloading of heavy goods that it was designed to carry.

Flywing Balaji Logistics possesses a fleet of powerful semi low bed trailers in order to accommodate your unique needs. The company has a fleet of trailers with capacities ranging from 20 tons to all the way up to 150 tons. Of course, the trailer is fitted with 2, 3, 4 axles to 7, 8 axles depending upon its load bearing capacity. The transporter also possess the expertise and technical know-how to carry out special constructions in the trailer which provides it with additional possibilities.

Choose Flywing Balaji Logistics for the best semi low bed trailers for your business and heavy cargo transportation needs and you can rest easy knowing that the cargo will be safely and timely transported to its intended destination.

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